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Grab your potential customers' attention with marketing videos and video-casts designed to showcase you and/or your company's expertise.

True Story Studios sets itself apart from our competition by offering big production quality on your budget. Let us showcase what sets you apart from your competition. With two studios to create from in one convenient place, there are literally hundreds of unique ways to put them to use for you.


We have the talent and equipment needed to tell your story, the only thing missing is you!

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We offer a modern approach to your marketing and branding messages.

True Story Studios prides itself in getting your message out to your potential clients. We do this by providing videocasting and marketing video services.

Our FaceBook Live podcast gives you a very trendy way to get your message out.  Unlike radio, live podcasting gives you trackable results down to the individual view and allows you to build your viewer/potential customer base as fast or slow as your budget allows; using your podcast to target market via F.B. advertising. (i.e. boost this post)


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