Communication in the Digital Age

When most of us think of a communication, we think face-to-face.  And if not face-to-face, then a phone call.  Nowadays, information is mostly relayed online or electronically. Because of this, most of the traditional ways to read and interpret communication messages now get lost.


What is lost?  The receivers of our communication messages do not usually hear our voices and are not able to read into the vocal tone which carries about 40 % of the entire message itself.  Nor can Information Age communication receivers interpret your body language signals.  These traditionally contribute to over 50 % of the communication impact in the messages we send out.


The danger today is that when clients read our comments and documents, their mood at the time of reading communication directly relates to how they receive the message.  Your original message may become completely miss-read, distorted and misunderstood.  In this new era of communication, conclusions are jumped to on a regular basis.


To combat this we need to mix up our contact communication medium, mix our blogs with videos and get on the phone every once in a while instead of  a follow-up with email.   Many people find technology an easy way to short circuit having to deal with people and human emotions.


Relationships in the business world are tending to become more impersonal.  The human factor is being marginalized and many people end up feeling isolated and frustrated.  So put the time in to give your client a more personal touch. Only by mixing our communications and adding the personal touch can our clients get a clear mental picture on how we think. This will intern make our written communication be received in the proper tone.


Most people while communicating on cell phones tend to raise their voice so as to be understood or worse mumble. Either of these practices (that we are mostly un-aware of)

lead to miss-communication. So I suggest use a land line whenever possible.


Another drastic change we face in communication in our business is the video conference via Skype or other video conference software. When using this technology it is important not to grand stand or be timid. As always when speaking publicly you want to be clear and concise with your message or presentation. The number one tip I can give is know your subject matter inside and out. Fumbling for notes or stats is magnified by this communication medium. So in order to maintain creditability practice your presentation and practice using the video conference software before the communication takes place.


The good news in communicating in the digital era is we are now globally connected. So regardless of how far we are from our clients, we can communicate effectively if we put it the extra time and personalize our communications as mentioned above.


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