Does Your Ad Copy Solve the Customer’s Problem?

Businesses are at their best when they solve problems. Companies usually grow, not because they made a great product, but because that product filled a need for customers. Sometimes the customer did not even know they had that need. Computers existed before Microsoft, but it was Microsoft that provided a user friendly operating system. The internet was around before Google, but the AdWords giant gave us a simple, and effective search engine. So when you sit down to write ad copy for your business; are you telling potential customers how you can help solve their problem?

It is common advice told to Entrepreneurs to find a solution to a problem, than create the product. The point is to create products people need and will use ongoing. When you write your company marketing, the focus should be on the solution, not the details of the product. Customers may not care what the product is until they know how it will help them first.

The best ad copy identifies the problem, and shows the customer how the product will solve their issue. This can help the customer to not only remember the product (since it now becomes more personal), but also raise the priority level on purchasing it. The customer hears your ad and says, ‘I have that problem too’.

There are two things you have to understand about your business before you can write ad copy. Do you know what business you are in? Do you know your customer profile?

The best example of identifying what business you are in would be Starbucks. Starbucks is in the customer service business, more than the coffee business. You can go to many places for a cup of coffee. It is the atmosphere of Starbucks that attracts their loyal customers. The customer profile is nothing more than an example of your proto-typical customer who uses your service. Then you market to that type of person.

The focus of your ad copy should be on the problems of your customers. Dodge pickup trucks are often bought by construction workers (or people who fix their own stuff) who need to haul things. They need a truck that is big and powerful. I do not know this for sure, but that is the profile of the customer their ads speak to.

So obviously, Dodge ads talk about the engine and how much horsepower it has. The images show the truck carrying lumber. The simple message is, ‘you have a big job, and Dodge trucks can help you get it done’. It’s simple and effective right down to the male announcer with the deep voice.

Good ad copy has a few basic elements. Headline, possibly a sub-headline, body (message and content) and a call to action. There is a ton of info online to find help you on how to write good copy. There are even articles online about copywriters, and their best ideas to inspire you.

After you write your copy, you want to check if it covered the objectives. The common acronym you hear to do this, is AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Did your headline attract the customers attention? Did the body content of the ad raise their interest and create desire/ Finally, was your message motivating enough for them to act?

When you are creating ad copy in the modern age it is good to use keywords. This way, when people look for your business it comes up faster in search engines like Google. You can actually look up what words customers use when searching for your type of business or service. Then you put those keywords in the ad title and body of the copy.

Never forget the power of Storytelling in good ad copy. You can humanize your service while showing how customers benefit from it. There is also no reason why your ad copy cannot be entertaining while informing. What makes stories so effective, is it shows people how to use your products or service in a relatable way.

Good luck with your marketing.

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