The 5 Important Things To Think About When Designing Your Website:

1) Imagery

Imagery is an important step in the web design possess. Have you ever heard the saying A Picture is worth a thousand words?  Well it is very true. So hire a professional photographer or spend a decent chunk of time choosing some creditable-looking stock photography. This is one of those things that everyone believes that they can do  themselves but more than likely you are not considering things like lighting, depth of field and framing that a professional would do as second nature. If you want to take your site to the next level of professionalism, have some photography shot of the building, work in progress, employees, products, services, customers, etc.


2) Organization.

Before starting the design process, you have to make some decisions with your site map and in your copy. You have to take in to consideration the unfamiliar user. What do you want him or her to see and do the most? The saying here is LESS IS MORE!   Figure out how to say who you are and what you can offer the user in a clear and concise way. This is where you draw attention to that which matters most, and then anticipate the natural path one’s eyes may take through the layout. The use of contrast, color, and or scale helps achieve the desired goals.


3) Balance & Alignment

Designing the layout of the site on an underlining grid system helps to establish a sense of balance and purpose. In military terms, dress right dress, is any easy way to think about the layout.  Using a fixed 2 or 3 column setup allows you to align multiple elements of the layout on particular lines. This will give your website a nice structured and consistent look that can be trusted and related to professionalism.


4) Consistency is key.

Like in a lot of previous blogs put out by KFNX, consistency is key. The obvious one here is that all navigational  items should stay put in the exact same place from page to page. But on top of that, you want to be consistent in the placement of other page elements as well, like the number of columns, ad placements, headers and footers, and maybe even in your call to action. Be sure to limit the number of fonts used and be consistent in your headings and body text in font, color, and size. The less obvious meaning is keep everything within your site consistent with your branding. (logos, page designs, color schemes etc.)


5) The Color Scheme

One last design element that could have been added to #2 but is important enough to designate its own is a color scheme. There are a few design elements that directly contribute to the overall feeling of your website, but perhaps none more than the color scheme. For an example if you’re designing a construction company’s website you more than likely won’t be choosing a pastel palette. Before starting the project you will want to have between 2-6 colors picked out . Throughout the entire design process you will turn to those 2-6 colors only.

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