Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Host a Podcast

True success in business comes with Focus. That includes focus on how you market, and where you market. What outlets should be used to do marketing? There are so many to choose from, Podcasting, social media, print ads, seminars, mailings…. some cost money, and some cost time.

You do not have time for all of them. Better to Focus and master a few things, then to try too much and master none. Have you ever asked yourself, ‘How can I promote my business better? How do I reach more prospects?’

So what medium platform for advertising do you choose to promote yourself? Maybe the better question is: What medium can be re-purposed for other mediums? We believe you can Focus on Podcasting as your one media platform, and use it for the others.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should host a Podcast – 


We have all the heard the phrase, that people judge all the time on a first impression. In business, you need to be proactive, and stay ahead of the market. Bottom line, if you do not define your brand, someone else will. Shape your brand, before potential clients, or even the competition does. Your weekly Podcast broadcasts your message, with your version to set the tone. 

Advertising works, but needs to be consistent and repetitive. Your prospects need to be exposed to a message 5 to 7 times before they engage or buy. Podcasting is a great medium to explain your core message, your values, and benefits. Listeners then bond with your message to start a relationship. They will start to think like you and look forward to more insights.   


Every business owner asks the same question on prospecting, how can I get in contact with (Blank)? Whatever key prospect, core supplier, connector in the industry, we are all trying to figure out how to have that initial in. Podcasting gives the opportunity to contact whoever you want.

You have the ultimate opening, ‘Would you like to be a guest on my Podcast?’ This one benefit can easily make a business grow, and add countless people to your rolodex. You can even invite politicians or celebrities on as a guest. More importantly, you can invite on a potential client or contact as a guest.  

Your show can be a weekly networking meeting right on the air. You connect with great people, get an interview and they also provide content to your show. Make a list of 12 to interview and you have at least 6 (or even 12) weeks of content. Interview other experts in your field (like suppliers and strategic partners) and they can even give your message without you having to say it. Plus you continue to be viewed as a resource for the audience with great guests.

Establish Yourself as an Expert:

We can’t deny when we see someone on TV, or hear someone on the Podcasting we just assume they know what they are doing, and also they are famous. Your Podcast creates that mystique, even on a subconscious level for people. A Podcast gives instant credibility, sets you apart from the crowd and establishes you as an expert in your field. It gives a weekly forum to teach people about your industry and your business in general.

The need for social proof is important for any business. Podcasting allows you to mentor and educate a wider audience in a very direct manner. Potential clients want to see you in action and get a feel for how you run your business. You have consistent weekly social proof for your business as a host who can be their resource.


Your Podcast provides weekly content for your website, your marketing, and your social media. If you send weekly emails, tell your clients and prospects about the new show you recorded and how the topic can benefit them. Post your podcast of your Podcast on your website, and social media.

The show can be a FAQ of topics that clients ask about or need to be educated about first before doing business with you. Despite being a video platform, you can post clips from your Podcast on YouTube (with a picture). Use pictures of great guests on your website and social media


Promote your business thru your Podcast and gain exposure to potential new clients. Your show allows a potential client to get to know you from afar, and listen to your show weekly. Then listeners grow to trust you as they understand your brand and skills.

By doing a weekly show you gain a relationship with listeners. You can also post your show to YouTube and provides search content for your business field, and your business. You do need to choose Podcast topics that answer client’s questions. What is the typical problem a new client of yours has?

Clients have a problem, and they will look for business who can solve their problem. Before a client contacts a business for a service, they may research that business or look for reviews. Your Podcast allows you to answer the client’s question before they even ask it. You are now in the first spot as someone to contact for help.

Bonus Reason:

It’s just fun. Have a good time doing a weekly Podcast, and start enjoying your business again. Break up the monotony of the business grind while also giving back to the community, and your clients. The Podcast gives an opportunity to show a different side, and share the story of your business.

Invite your partners and clients on as guests and have a good time and building those core relationships. The options are limitless, from a charity to help promote their cause, to highlighting local heroes in your community. Make your show the weekly place to be.  

Thanks for reading and good luck with your promotion. Contact us today to learn more.

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